Better job after DAPA

In addition to not having the fear of deportation by ICE with DAPA permit, the parents of US citizens and LPR also will receive Social Security and other retirement benefits.  But the best part of being legalized by President Barack Obama through his Executive Immigration Amnesty is that you can now have a much better job.  Yes, no more working illegally and getting paid under the table by an employer who always threatened you about reporting to ICE.  Hopefully, you can demand higher wages because you can now work anywhere not just wash dirty dishes in a Mexican restaurant. But that is not what I wanted to discuss in this article.  With DAPA you become even more attractive than a American citizen or permanent resident due to a loophole in ObamaCare.  This is how it works.

As you might know Obama Care or Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a law that allows anyone who does not have health insurance through their work to get healthcare and if their income is too low, they even get free money from Uncle Sam.  Unfortunately, illegal immigrants and DAPA recipients are not eligible for ObamaCare but their is a huge positive side to this.  In other words, a company need not provide you with health care and spend any money on your insurance premiums if they hire you.  This can save them thousands of dollars if they hire you rather than a citizen or legal resident.  Most employers already know this secret.  If they don't, when you go to your job interview, and when they ask you why they should hire you, just remind them that by hiring you (rather than legals and citizens) they can save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums.  Chances are that you will have no trouble finding well paid jobs because companies will rush to replace their American citizen and green card holder employees by folks with DAPA approvals.